Kenora Recreation Centre Receives Grant For AquaMat Fitness Program

June 12, 2017

Kenora, ON – A grant through the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund program has been awarded to the Kenora Recreation Centre to purchase twelve AquaMats.

The addition of the new and innovative AquaMats will enhance the current water fitness program at our aquatic centre by offering up to five additional classes per week. Our team of Certified Instructors plan to teach classes in HIIT, Yoga, Pilates and Running on the floating platforms, expanding the variety of low impact fitness classes. The fitness schedule will be released in the fall of 2017 for those interested in the new classes.

The City of Kenora and the Kenora Recreation Centre would like to thank the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport for this support and the opportunity to build physical literacy as the foundation for lifelong activity. The Kenora Recreation Centre looks forward to expanding our local fitness services which will promote and strengthen the sport and recreation sector in Kenora.

Crystal Stokes, Aquatic Facilitator

Council Approves 2017 Operating Budget

June 6, 2017

Kenora, ON – Today Council approved the 2017 Operating Budget. The 2017 Capital Budget was approved on March 21.  The budget includes a number of critical projects initiated by staff, council and community input.

Some of the more significant impacts the City faced in 2017 included:

  • Loss of Provincial funding of $333k
  • Increased requests from Mandated External Organizations totalling $202k
  • Combined net wage impacts of $327k, which includes the annual impact of $142k related to the 2016 Fire Arbitration award
  • Continued need to work to address the City’s significant infrastructure deficit

The budget includes an increase in net tax levy of 1.3%, or $311k allocated towards capital spending, as recommended in the City’s Asset Management Plan.

Major capital projects planned for 2017 include:

  • Combined Roads & Sidewalks Capital Program ($1.9 million, before storm sewers)
  • Wayfinding Signage ($.34 million)
  • Bus Shelters ($.3 million)
  • GPS System ($.26 million)
  • City Hall Windows ($.25 million)

Other projects of interest in the 2017 budget include:

  • The deck tile at MSFC Pool couldn’t be completed in 2016 and will now take place in 2017
  • The City will be managing various Rabbit Lake works projects ahead of the 2017 Canada Summer Games

Overall financial highlights of the approved 2017 budget include:

  • $42.8 million in combined operating, capital, non-capital special projects / unusual spending and reserve appropriations, broken out as follows:
    • $29.5 million in operating expenses;
    • $2.5 million in reserve appropriations;
    • $9.5 million in capital expenses; and
    • $1.3 million in non-capital special projects / unusual spending
  • Combined this represents $24.7 million in net tax levy requirement

The 2017 reassessment resulted in an increase in the residential tax base of 5.1%. Of this, 4.8% related to increased values on existing homes, with the balance of the increase resulting from new construction.

Council knew it had to make every effort to help reduce the impact of these assessment increases on the average homeowner. Therefore, again in 2017, council elected to use Revenue Neutral Tax Ratios. This is a tax tool that maintains the tax burden by class, regardless of where the assessments rose the most. This was done to avoid shifting more of the tax burden onto the residential ratepayers.

Today’s budget represents a 1.18% decrease in the City’s residential municipal tax rate. Because of the change in assessments, some homeowners will see their tax bills increase and some homeowners will see their tax bills decrease.

What does this mean for the average homeowner? For a property with no changes (changes such as a new garage or an addition), on average, the assessment rose by 4.8% but the municipal property tax rate decreased by 1.18%. A property worth $200k in 2016 would have paid $2,539 in municipal taxes. In 2017, this same property, on average, is assessed at $210k and will pay $2,630 in taxes. This is a $91 dollar increase for the year.

We on Council believe that this budget, in conjunction with the strong financial management by City Council over recent years, will continue to maintain the City’s financial strength and stability.

We would like to recognize the time and efforts made by City staff and management, who worked so diligently in partnership with Council, towards developing a budget that maintains services and strengthens Kenora.

2017 Operating Budget Media Release

City Introduces iCemetery App


A Convenient Way to Search for Loved Ones at LOW Cemetery

KENORA, ON – The City of Kenora is pleased to introduce a new convenient way to search for loved ones buried at the Lake of the Woods Cemetery. iCemetery is a free app by Stone Orchard Software developed for the public to easily look up site identification or grave addresses.

iCemetery can be downloaded for free to smart phones and devices from the App Store, or Google Play. Once downloaded, iCemetery is very easy to use. The first name and last name of the deceased are matched with our cemetery records to supply the grave address. At the Lake of the Woods Cemetery, the grave address will either be in the Roman Catholic Cemetery or the Lake of the Woods Cemetery. In the Roman Catholic Cemetery, the rows begin in the south, with the graves numbered west to east. In the Lake of Woods Cemetery, the rows begin in the west, with plots (4 graves) numbered south to north. An example of an address is 26E-36-2, which means Row 26E, Plot 36, Grave 2. The iCemetery database includes all interments up to the end of 2016 and will continue to be updated. Adding an interactive map which will guide people directly to the grave is the next step planned in making this tool more meaningful.

“The City of Kenora is leading the way in Ontario towards making cemetery records more accessible to the public by using current technologies and our iCemetery app”, says Ken Munday, Director of Operations with Stone Orchard.

James Tkachyk, Parks and facilities Division Lead says he is pleased with how easy iCemetery is to use and how customer service is improved with this self-serve tool. A QR code developed with Stone Orchard Software is displayed at the Cemetery to scan for immediate downloading of the app. While iCemetery allows people to search for a grave any day at any time, Cemetery Office staff are still available to assist with searches during regular office hours.

About Stone Orchard Software –
Stone Orchard develops software solutions based on the distinct needs of Cemeteries, Crematoriums, and Funeral homes to meet their needs effectively including consideration of different sizes and budgets. In 2010, Stone Orchard released new software, completely redesigned and rewritten, using the latest programming techniques, and taking advantage of the latest computer hardware. Stone Orchard Software is growing rapidly by providing premier record management solutions to Cemeteries, Crematoriums, and Funeral Homes around the world. Stone Orchard continues to focus on developing the best software possible to meet the unique needs of the profession and complying with government legislation and regulations.

Search and Rescue Exercises near Kenora May 4-8, 2017


435 Transport and Rescue Squadron to and 439 Combat Support Squadron Conduct Search and Rescue Exercises near Kenora, Ont.

17 WING WINNIPEG, Man – 435 Transport and Rescue (T&R) Squadron and 439 Combat Support Squadron will conduct exercises in the vicinity of Kenora, Ont. on 4-8 May 2017.

The training exercise is part of 435 Squadron’s ongoing training for search and rescue (SAR) crews. The exercise will involve parachute training, dropping of SAR equipment, coloured ribbon and practicing all aspects of search and rescue operations.

This activity is a planned part of the exercise as is the patterned flying of the CC130 Hercules. Residents can also expect to hear the sound of the CC130 Hercules flying in the area.

Search and rescue is a 24 hour-a-day, seven day-a-week responsibility for 435 Squadron. One aircraft is permanently assigned to SAR stand-by duty and is equipped to aid people, aircraft or vessels in distress. When they are not called upon to help in cases of an aeronautical emergency, search and rescue crews train regularly to maintain the skills necessary to conduct search and rescue missions throughout Canada.

435 Squadron, operating out of 17 Wing Winnipeg, Man., and 424 (T&R) Squadron, operating out of 8 Wing Trenton, Ont., provide primary SAR response for the Trenton Search and Rescue Region, the largest in Canada, which extends from Quebec City to the British Columbia/Alberta border, and from the Canada/United States border to the North Pole.

Associated Links

Daren Kraus
Sergeant | Sergeant
Wing Public Affairs Photojournalist| Photojournaliste des Affaires Publiques de l’escadre
17 Wing | 17e Escadre
PO Box 17000, Stn Forces
Winnipeg, MB R3J 3Y5
Cell (National Defense) | Cellulaire (Défense nationale) 204-294-5081
Telephone |Téléphone 204-833-2500-4529
Facsimile | Télécopieur 204-833-2594
Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

City of Kenora and First Student Partner to Improve City Transit System – New Transit Schedule Begins April 1st

Kenora, ON – The City of Kenora and First Student are pleased to announce beginning this Saturday April 1st, the City public transit will change to new routes and bus stop times. The schedule has a fresh new format providing riders with more information than previous schedules.

The new Transit System booklet provides riders with a quick reference for planning their bus trip. The main transit stop is still in the heart of downtown at Market Square, connecting to three main routes – Keewatin, Pinecrest, and Lakeside. The existing routes have been reshaped to provide more frequent stops and timed for more reliable service within the City. Market Square inbound and outbound times are listed in the booklet with a timetable showing to the minute at each bus stop. City transit runs Monday to Friday regularly with the first bus leaving Market Square at 7:01 a.m. ending the weekday service with the last bus arriving at Market Square at 6:08 p.m. Extended hours have been added to the Friday schedule, with the last bus arriving at Market Square at 8:23 p.m. The bus continues to run on Saturday from 11:01 a.m. until 6:05 p.m.

Each of the eighty bus stops are now marked with a numbered stop sign listing the exact times riders can expect the bus to stop there. The majority of the stops exist on the current schedule however some new stops have been added. New stops include Seven Generations, Safeway, Kenora Forest Products, Kenora Recreation Centre. Bus service will continue to Keewatin Place, Norman Park, Walmart, Pinecrest, senior apartment blocks, Beaver Brae Secondary School, and Catholic school board campus.

The new Transit System booklet will be available from the bus drivers and can be picked up at City Hall, Kenora Public Libraries, Kenora Recreation Centre, and New Horizons Seniors Centre. The online version will be posted in Transit/Bus Routes on

For those interested in adding City transit to their commute for business or pleasure, bus passes can be purchased at City Hall or online on

Lake of the Woods Museum Receives Approval For Art Gallery Project

Kenora, ON – Today, Kenora City Council approved a request by the Lake of the Woods Museum Board to expand its cultural offerings to include an art gallery. The approval allows the Museum to move forward with applications for capital funding grants and the establishment of a capital campaign to raise funds for the construction of an art gallery addition to the former Museum building in Memorial Park. Prior to being the first location for the Museum it was the Land Titles building.

The gallery project was prompted by the generous offer of two long time lake residents who have been collecting the Lake of the Woods woodcut prints and watercolours of Canadian artist Walter J. Phillips for the past 20 years. Because of their connection to and love of Lake of the Woods and Kenora, they wish to gift their collection, which currently numbers around 70 pieces, to the City of Kenora through the Lake of the Woods Museum.

W.J. Phillips was a master water colourist and a pioneer of the colour woodblock in Canada. Among his best-known and loved images are those that depict family holidays on Lake of the Woods from the 1910s until the late 1920s. Phillips’ work can be found in the National Gallery of Canada, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Smithsonian, the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Pavilion Gallery in Winnipeg.

Museum Board Chair Rita Boutette states that this exciting project also addresses an identified need in the community. “Kenora has a vibrant arts community, but what is lacking is a designated and appropriate space to display art in its many forms. The Museum has fulfilled that function for many years, as have other public buildings and private spaces, but ultimately there is a need for a public art gallery of significance that will further foster the arts in Kenora through creation, exhibition and appreciation. It would be one of only two public galleries between Sault Ste. Marie and Winnipeg.”

The project includes the use of the former Museum for studio, programming and administrative functions with a purpose-built addition for gallery, storage and public space. The proposed 5,100 square foot addition would include two galleries so that the Phillips exhibit could be exhibited concurrently with local, regional and national art exhibits.

The endorsement of the Lake of the Woods Arts Community and the Economic Development Commission for a dynamic art space speaks to its value as a cultural asset and also its role in community sustainability. A gallery’s contribution to the cultural vibrancy of Kenora makes the community a better place to live, work, visit and do business.

The Lake of the Woods Museum will be hosting an exhibit of a selection of the Phillips’ collection from May 3-27, 2017.


Lori Nelson, Director, Lake of the Woods Museum 807-467-2105

It’s Flag Day, Kenora Celebrates Hockey and Canadian Citizenship

During Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada you may see more Canada flags fluttering around than usual. The local organizing committee is very proud to announce reaffirmation of Canadian citizenship ceremonies will be part of our national celebration of hockey.

A reaffirmation ceremony is an event where participants repeat the oath of citizenship
to express their commitment to Canada followed by singing of our national anthem. A reaffirmation ceremony can be organized by your community, your place of work or your school to renew a sense of pride for our country and confirm respect for Canadian rights and values.

The festivities of Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada include school visits and now reaffirmation ceremonies are planned for schools with both Kenora Catholic District School Board and Keewatin Patricia District School Board. While waving Canadian flags together, students will recite the oath of citizenship, learning about Canadian history and the importance of citizenship.

In addition, the Superior International Junior Hockey League (SIJHL) game on Saturday night will begin with a reaffirmation ceremony where our entire arena filled with hockey fans will recite the oath together. This ceremony will be featured on the Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada national broadcast, airing Saturday on Sportsnet and CBC. Not only is Kenora celebrating hockey, our flag, and our citizenship this week, we are celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. The Canada 150 campaign is an opportunity to engage and inspire Canadians in their communities and to celebrate our shared values, our achievements, the majesty of our environment and our place in the world. Kenora is one of the first communities in Canada to hold multiple reaffirmation ceremonies. It is anticipated during Canada 150 celebrations this year, Kenora will have inspired other communities to do the same.

“This year, during Canada’s 150th anniversary, there are many things to be thankful for: hockey, of course, but also this vast and diverse country that we call home. For Canadian citizens, both old and new, reaffirming their oath signifies their love and pride for Canada. It’s very inspiring to see students, who will be our future leaders, join in to recite the oath of citizenship. I am truly honoured to be invited to participate in this ceremony to express my thanks and gratitude for our country, our Canada, the home of the brave.” Honourable Robert D. Nault, P.C., M.P., Kenora Riding.

Celebrating our national pastime of hockey and what it means to be Canadian together is a perfect match and compliments this special opportunity to host the national event Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada. We hope all Kenora citizens join us as we celebrate what it means to be Canadian: the rights we enjoy, the responsibilities we share, and the diversity that makes us strong.

More information about holding your own reaffirmation of citizenship ceremony can be found at Re-launch

Kenora, ON – The City of Kenora is excited to share its new website featuring a brand new look with an elegant new design and user-friendly navigation options.’s new vibrant home page allows users to choose where to go next within Visiting, Living, Government, Business, Getting Active and What’s New sections. The goal of the new design was to make the City’s site cleaner and simpler, as well as refocus the content on City services and core functions for all stakeholders all while meeting and exceeding the current website Accessibility Standards. was redesigned as a community portal in 2012 with North America’s Premier Boating Destination branding at the centre of the website initiative. A thorough review of content was carried out over the last several months with City staff contributing to edits and suggestions for new information with a strong focus on the quality and accessibility of the content provided.

Website statistics were analyzed to discover the most popular explored pages along with inquiries made by the public for information they are interested in on our site. From this research, new information has been added, such as snow removal schedule and maps, accessibility information, age-friendly community, volunteer firefighter recruitment, common by-laws for residents, disruptions and closures, and citizenship awards have all been added.

New features include

  • Look Ahead Navigation – to reduce the number of clicks to explore the site
  • Social media pull-out
  • Latest news ticker
  • Department contacts on each page
  • Website feedback form
  • Responsive Functionality for compatibility with all browsers and mobile devices
  • Signup for alerts & news
  • Improved City event calendar
  • Font size adjustment option

Visitors to the new site can stay informed with the latest City of Kenora news through the new what’s new blog. The blog will contain richer online content such as press releases, featured events and public notices. Going forward the website will be updated with new or revised content as needed to keep our residents, visitors, staff and other stakeholders informed of City policies, programs and services. A powerful search tool is planned to be added before the end of 2017.

We invite everyone to explore the new site and share comments through the Feedback button which will stay active for the next few months.


Aaron Affleck, Inteleck Web Design & Development
807-407-5426 | |


Kerri Holder, Communications Clerk
807-467-2191 |


Scotiabank Kroppy Cup A Sell Out!

The Local Organizing Committee for Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada is pleased to announce the Kroppy Cup presented by Scotiabank Memorial Pond Hockey Tournament is now full. Twelve teams have registered to compete for the Scotiabank Kroppy Cup, with the final team registration received last Wednesday.

Dean Caron, Pond Hockey Coordinator, says “I am thrilled the tournament has filled up and I can’t wait for the big day.” Preparations of the pond hockey rinks will continue and Dean thanks the volunteers and the City of Kenora staff for the work done so far.

On Saturday February 18, the round robin will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Golf Course Bay. All three divisions will play at various times throughout the day. Everyone is encouraged to come out to watch the Youth Division (PeeWee and Bantam), Open Division (Midget) and the Old-timers. Cheer on our local hockey players as the pond hockey tradition is renewed on Lake of the Woods.

The final games, which will be featured during Rogers Sportsnet national broadcast of Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada, will start at 2:00 p.m. at the Kenora Harbourfront on Safety Bay.

The official pond hockey tournament schedule can be found on the City’s website,

Media Contact
Dean Caron
Pond Hockey Coordinator

Kerri Holder, Communications Clerk

City Purchases Mall Property

Kenora, ON – The City of Kenora has reached an agreement with Plaza Retail REIT to purchase just over 2.2 acres of vacant lands on the former Kenora Shoppers Mall property.

This is a strategic piece of property located in the heart of the City that is important to acquire for future use. It is a strategic opportunity to guide the City’s short and long term goals, to build upon the foundations of the Harbourtown Centre, and to support the potential future development within our downtown. In the short term, the City intends to make parking available on this property and plans are underway for the spring to have the property configured for short term and long term parking.

“It is the role of Council to strategically plan for the City to include the priorities and projects that will place Kenora in a stronger position in the future. Council feels this strategic property purchase will place us in a positive position for future planning in the downtown area” states Mayor Dave Canfield.

Plaza’s Chief Operating Officer, Jamie Petrie, added “Plaza is pleased to have concluded this transaction with the City of Kenora. The lands, made up largely of the former Zellers store which was demolished earlier this year, were considered surplus to our shopping centre and this sale provides us with additional capital to continue to invest in the redevelopment of this asset.”

The property purchase is $481,771.88 plus HST and will come from the Future Land Development Reserve Fund.

Heather Kasprick, City Clerk/Communications Lead


2017 Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada Event Schedule and Details Announced

Kenora, ON – A media event was held this afternoon to announce the details for Kenora’s 2017 Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada. The national live broadcast of the 17th annual edition of the hockey celebration will take place on Saturday February 18, 2017 from the Whitecap Pavilion on Kenora’s harbourfront.


“The City of Kenora is proud to be hosting Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada”, says Dan Reynard, Chair of the Local Organizing Committee. “In partnership with Scotiabank and Rogers Sportsnet, this historic four day event will allow our community to celebrate together and share our proud hockey history and the natural beauty that is Kenora with all of Canada. Through the efforts of the Local Organizing Committee and the overwhelming support received throughout the community from our volunteers and corporate sponsorships, the schedule of events has something for everyone to participate in regardless of age. This will truly be a community event that we will all take pride in.”

“Kenora’s history with the game of hockey including winning the Stanley Cup in 1907, provides a perfect setting to be the host for this year’s Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada”, says Joel Darling, Executive Producer of NHL Special Events for Sportsnet. “As the league celebrates their 100 year anniversary, we will explore the history and tradition of the game in Kenora and across the country.”

“Scotiabank is proud to partner with Sportsnet and the City of Kenora for the biggest celebration of Canadian hockey,” says Chris Sellner Scotiabank Branch Manager, Kenora. “Community hockey is an important part of who we are as Scotiabankers – we are fans, coaches and players. Scotiabank is committed to helping young people reach their full potential both off and on the ice. That’s why we are proud to support over 8,000 kids’ community hockey teams across Canada, including teams in the Lake Of The Woods Minor Hockey Association. We look forward to celebrating with everyone here in Kenora and across the country on Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada.”

Leading up to Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada, a full schedule of hockey activities has been planned for everyone to take part in celebrating our hockey history and our nation’s most loved pastime. Thursday will be jam packed with school visits, hockey clinics and hockey games. Friday opens with a breakfast event with the Stanley Cup, more school visits, hockey clinics and wrapping up with a gala dinner banquet. The very first Kroppy Cup presented by Scotiabank Memorial Pond Hockey Tournament will take place on Saturday, with more hockey clinics and hockey games at different venues around Kenora.

On Saturday morning Canada’s hockey host, Ron MacLean, brings Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada to the country live from Kenora’s Whitecap Pavilion. The broadcast will feature local hockey stories throughout the day. Kenora’s harbourfront will be animated with activities, skaters, hockey games and fun for hockey fans of all ages.

The celebration will conclude with the SIJHL game at the Kenora Recreation Centre and will include a live broadcast of Coaches Corner with Don Cherry and Ron MacLean from our arena. Further Sportsnet will be broadcasting live NHL hockey games featuring all seven Canadian teams to keep the event going.

Throughout the hockey celebration, there will be fun free hockey festivities at the Whitecap Pavilion, viewing of the Stanley Cup at various community events, skating on Safety Bay with Ron MacLean, and cool hockey merchandise for sale. Fans will see NHL stars and sports commentators, including Lanny MacDonald, Darcy Tucker, Cassie Campbell-Pascal, Mark Napier, and Kenora’s Mike Richards, at many of the events planned.

The schedule of events will also include three ticketed events: Kenora Thistles and NHL Alumni Hockey Game, Music of Hockey Day hosted by Ron MacLean, and Breakfast with the Stanley Cup. Tickets can be purchased at the Kenora Recreation Centre. Everyone is encouraged to show off any event tickets purchased by posting a photo on the City of Kenora’s Instagram board for a chance to win an awesome hockey day swag prize! Use both #TheCityofKenora and #HockeyDay to show the rest of the country how excited we are about hosting Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada.

Pond hockey teams can begin signing up for the Kroppy Cup presented by Scotiabank Memorial Pond Hockey Tournament on December 8 at 6 a.m. at the Kenora Recreation Centre. Fees must be paid and team registration form completed to be officially entered.

A sponsorship package with various contribution levels has been developed for Kenora’s 2017 Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada event. The package offers exclusive access to events, tickets to hockey games, name and logo displays, and much more.

A selection of souvenirs and merchandise will be available for purchase. Stay tuned for sale locations. Everyone is encouraged to purchase this unique merchandise and also attend events dressed as hockey fans do, in their favourite hockey jersey.

For more information about the 2017 Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada schedule of events, volunteer opportunities, pond hockey, and sponsorship packages, please visit

Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada is a nationally televised event, produced by Sportsnet. Each year a host city is selected from a number of applicants, with the 2017 event to be hosted in Kenora, Ontario.

Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada’s 17th annual celebration continues an important Canadian tradition. Previous host locations include: Kamloops, BC (2016), Halifax, NS (2015); Lloydminster, AB/SK (2014); Peterborough, ON (2013); Prince Edward Island (2012); Whitehorse, Yukon (2011); Stratford, ON (2010); Campbellton, N.B. (2009); Winkler, MB (2008); Nelson, B.C. (2007); Stephenville, N.L., (2006); Shaunavon, SK (2004); Iqualuit, Nunavut (2003); Windsor, N.S. (2002); Red Deer, AB (2001); and Toronto, ON (2000).

About Scotiabank

Scotiabank is the Official Bank of the NHL®, NHL AlumniTM, CWHL, Vancouver Canucks®, Winnipeg Jets®, Toronto Maple Leafs®, Ottawa Senators®, Edmonton Oilers® and the Calgary Flames® whose home arena is the Scotiabank Saddledome. The Bank also has a partnership with the Montreal Canadiens®. Scotiabank’s Community Hockey Sponsorship Program supports over 5,000 minor hockey teams in communities across Canada. To find out more about Scotiabank’s hockey programs, please

About Kenora

The City of Kenora is located in the northwestern corner of the Province of Ontario in Canada, just 40 kilometers east of the Province of Manitoba border. Our beautiful City is built on the shores the Lake of the Woods and is home to over 15,000 people. During the summer months, our population doubles with cottagers and tourists. Kenora’s hockey passion comes from a rich in hockey history of winning the Stanley Cup in 1907 and carrying on hockey traditions with local hockey leagues completing at various levels today. to learn more about our City.

Media Contact

Dan Reynard
City of Kenora, LOC Chair

Heather Kasprick, Communications Lead


Pond Hockey Tournament Planned for Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada

Kenora, ON – The Local Organizing Committee for Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada is looking for twelve teams of eight players to participate in the Kroppy Cup presented by Scotiabank Memorial Pond Hockey Tournament next February.

The pond hockey tournament will take place on Saturday February 18, 2017 as part of the Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada celebration. Six outdoor rinks will be set up on Golf Course Bay, Lake of the Woods, where teams will compete for the Kroppy Cup presented by Scotiabank. The final games will be held at the Kenora Harbourfront on Safety Bay, Lake of the Woods, and will be featured during the national broadcast of Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada.

It was decided to name the pond hockey tournament after our local hockey hero, Len “Kroppy” Kropioski and the Committee did have the chance to tell him about this honourable namesake before he passed away.

Dean Caron, Pond Hockey Coordinator, has put his passion for outdoor rinks and hockey into building this tournament. “Kenora has a well-documented history in terms of hockey with several successful professional players (past and present) along with a modern day Stanley Cup, Olympic and World Junior Champion being born and raised in Kenora (Mike Richards). The Kenora Thistles winning the Stanley Cup in 1907 (110 year Anniversary coming up) and the success of past and present hockey super stars that have played in Kenora is something that hockey fans in Kenora speak of with great pride and passion.” Dean explains, “The Kroppy Cup presented by Scotiabank Memorial Pond Hockey Tournament is a great way for folks to celebrate our hockey heritage and further build community sprit around the game we all love on the lake we all love – Lake of the Woods. This is going to be memorable event and a great opportunity to showcase Kenora and Lake of the Woods in the winter to the country as part of the Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada celebrations!”

The four-on-four tournament is set up with three divisions – Youth, Open and Old-timers. Teams wishing to participate must send a Team Leader to register in person at the Kenora Recreation Centre on Thursday December 8, 2016 beginning at 6 a.m. when the Recreation Centre opens. Registration will be confirmed only by payment of the entry fee and submission of the Team Registration Form. Details about the tournament schedule, the rules and regulations, and the team registration form are available on

It is hoped this pond hockey tournament will become an annual winter event as we continue to celebrate our hockey history and create new hockey traditions in Kenora.

Media Contact

Dean Caron
Pond Hockey Coordinator

Kerri Holder, Communications Clerk