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Did you know the Kenora Recreation Centre has SEVEN identified parking areas on the property.  Each lot has a specific purpose.

Lots #1, #2, #3 and #4 are designated for DAY USE ONLY (no overnight parking) and ONLY for Kenora Recreation Centre Customers and Customers of Kenora Physio and Sports Injury Clinic and New Horizons Senior Centre.  These lots are designated for our customers and to accommodate the needs of our customers.

Lot #5 is for DAY USE (no overnight parking) and for those vehicles with trailers.  If you do not have a trailer please do not park in this lot- You belong in Lot #7.   IF you are staying overnight- Please do not park in this lot- you belong in Lot #6- with a permit.

Lot #6 is for OVERNIGHT PARKING. This is the only lot that vehicles (and trailers) can be on the property overnight.

Lot #6 requires a PERMIT to be purchased and displayed on the vehicle or trailer to be in this lot and remain overnight.

Lot #7 is for Day Parking (no overnight parking) for vehicles without trailers (those not using the Kenora Recreation Centre Facility but may be using the boat launch).

What does all of this mean for people using the Kenora Recreation Centre Boat Launch?  There are only 3 Lots that you need to locate: #5, #6, #7.

If you are staying overnight you MUST be in LOT #6 with a permit.  Permits can be purchased at the Customer Services Desks of the Kenora Recreation Centre.

If you are here for the day and have a trailer you MUST be in LOT #5

If you are here for the day and DO NOT have a trailer you MUST be in Lot #7

If a guest is leaving a trailer, without a vehicle,  overnight with us, the trailer MUST have a permit attached to it.

Please know that our By-Law does not “ticket” these lots.

The enforcement process for all 7 Lots is to tow anyone who is not in compliance.

None of us want to find our vehicle has been towed away.

Overnight permits can be purchased at our Customer Services Desks in the Kenora Recreation Centre:

$7.00 per night

$35.00 per week

$130 per month

$390.00 per season (May to October)

Questions about parking at the Kenora Recreation Centre can be directed to the Customer Services Desks or call 467-2088.

Overnight Parking

Municipal Parking Lot – Keewatin Memorial Arena

All vehicles and personal property are left at the owner’s own risk. The City of Kenora assumes no risk.

Overnight parking is seasonal only from May 1 to October 31


Overnight: $7.00

Weekly: $35.00

Monthly: $130.00

Seasonal: $390.00

Parking Permits are to be visible on the dash of vehicle or you must register the vehicle with the Kenora Recreation Centre at 807-467-2087 ext 0.

Parking will be monitored and enforced by the City of Kenora and Godbout Towing 548-5050.

All associated towing costs will be the responsibility of the registered owner of the vehicle.

Parking Permits Available at the Customer Service Desk of the Kenora Recreation Centre or by calling in payment to 807-467-2087 ext 0