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Skate Keewatin | 807-468-4554


Basic skating skills are learned in this program to teach children to skate on their own and progress to CanSkate. Participants will learn to fall down, get up, skate forward, skate backward and stop. All program assistants on ice are trained to assist the coach with skaters. Ages 3-5 years. 2 year olds welcome to try.


For skaters about to be or already enrolled in hockey and looking to improve their skating abilities. Skaters will progress through the CanSkate badges and move on to CanPowerSkate or Figure Skating. Skaters will be able to skate forward, backward and stop. They will learn to change direction, transfer from one foot to two and follow circuits composed of edges, turns and change of foot movements with speed. Ages 5 years and older.


Developed for skaters already enrolled in a hockey program seeking to take their skating skills to another level. It brings hockey and skating skills together by first working through skating skills and then incorporating stick handling. Speed and control will be a focus for each skater. Ages 5-10 years.