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Committees of Council


Following each regular municipal election, Council makes appointments to various boards and committees with terms to coincide with its four year term.

These positions are typically advertised by the Clerk’s Office and the appropriate application form must be completed. All appointments are made by resolution at Council’s Inaugural Meeting.

From time to time there are vacancies that must be filled throughout the term and these are usually advertised and also appointed by resolution.

Committee Membership List

There are various boards and committees that function with local government providing research and advice to Council relating to such issues as accessibility, economic development, health, housing, or transit.

The Board and Committee Membership List is compromised of citizen volunteers, business or association representatives and all have been appointed by Council.  As a resource, City staff are involved as well.

For information about vacancies and how to become involved, contact Heather Kasprick, City Clerk, at or 467-2295.

Terms of Reference Directory

Agendas, minutes and reports for all Committees of Council are found with the Council and Committee meeting listing.