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Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment

Your Community Needs You!

Are you prepared to consider a unique opportunity to contribute to your community?

We are seeking motivated and committed individuals who live and work within our community to strengthen our existing group of dedicated Volunteer Firefighters. Volunteer Firefighters attend to many different types of emergencies including; structure fire, water & ice rescues, motor vehicle accidents, bush & grass fire, as well as medical calls.

Volunteer Firefighters are compensated. When they have completed a training year and a probationary period there is an additional increase in salary!

Preferences will be given to candidates who:

  • Are in good physical condition and are over 18 years of age
  • Familiarity with General Level Firefighting Program
  • Have their High School diploma or the equivalent of one
  • Have a DZ driver’s licence
  • Hold a current Standard First Aid & CPR certificate
  • Related experience, up to, but not limited to nursing, carpentry, and mechanics
  • Mental alertness, ability to get along well with others, mechanical aptitude, conscientious, dependable and willingness to perform tasks assigned.

Above all, we are looking for members who are committed to the fire service and to their community.

Important Information on Becoming a Volunteer Firefighter

The volunteer firefighter will be expected to respond and work in all types of weather, and less than ideal conditions. You could have to enter hazardous atmospheres and environments. You will be expected to perform duties according to Standard Operating Guidelines.

Please Note

While the City of Kenora accepts application packages (resume, cover letter and City application) all year round, we hire Volunteer Firefighters when there are openings. If you have applied for this position and there are no vacancies, you will receive a letter stating you are on the roster for the next hiring blitz.