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At the City of Kenora, municipal licences & permits and some provincial licences are granted by the Office of the City Clerk and issued through the Licensing Department.  The application process and associated fees vary depending on the type of licence issued.

For further information regarding these services, please contact City of Kenora, City Hall, One Main Street South, Kenora, Ontario Telephone 807-467-2000.

Business Licence

A Business Licence is required to operate a business in the City of Kenora, whether it be a home occupation, retail store front, or a booth at a special event.

Dog Licence

The City of Kenora By-law to Regulate the Keeping of Animals sets out the licensing regulations and fees for the ownership of domestic dogs in the City.

Lottery Licence

An organization wanting to raise funds through gaming such as a bingo or raffle, first must be deemed eligible by the policies and procedures established by the AGCO.

Marriage Licence

A marriage licence is valid for use anywhere in Ontario for three (3) months after its issue date.

Sign Permit

A Municipal Sign Permit is required to construct, erect, maintain or alter any sign on municipal property.

Taxi Licence

The City of Kenora Taxi Licences are required to operate a taxi cab company (broker), to own a taxi cab vehicle or to be a taxi cab driver.