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Tenders & Request For Proposals

  • All Tender Call documents close at 11:00 a.m.
  • Tender responses must be delivered to City Hall Reception, Main Floor, City Hall, One Main Street South by the closing date in order to be considered.
  • Generally documents faxed or emailed directly to City Hall will not be accepted unless so authorized in the Tender Call. Alternatively documents may be faxed to an independent source and delivered from that location to City Hall in accordance with the tender instructions.
  • Tenders will be publicly opened by the City Clerk with the applicable Department representative in attendance just shortly after the 11:00 a.m. closing. Typically tenders are opened in the City Hall Council Chambers, located on the Main Floor (north end door), otherwise notice will be given as to where the opening will be held.
  • Anyone attending is required to sign in prior to the opening. Tender openings are open to the general public.

For more details refer to City of Kenora Procurement/Purchasing Policy

Awarded Tenders

While the City Clerk is present during tender openings, the Clerk’s Office does not officially award the tenders but may advise of the unofficial results from the opening.

All tender results provided are unofficial until approved by Council, or the respective department.

For information regarding awarded tenders, please contact the applicable Department that advertised the Tender Call.

Current Tenders