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The City of Kenora understands parents must maintain gainful employment while at the same time look after children to ensure they are free from harm. We also understand sometimes these two schedules conflict. Rather than allow your children to go without adult supervision please place your child under the watchful eye of a trusted childcare provider.

While the city makes no claim to the appropriateness of any of the childcare facilities listed, we offer the following for information purposes only.  The City of Kenora does not endorse any facility or service listed on this website and encourages users to perform their own due diligence especially when young children are involved.  With that notice now given, the following listings are childcare providers in the Kenora area:

Kenora Anishinaabe-Kweg
Aboriginal Head Start Program
1304 9th Street North
Kenora, Ontario
Phone: 807-468-3337
Fax: 807-468-3093
Cameron Bay Children’s Centre
820 Lakeview Dr.
Kenora, Ontario
Phone: 807-467-5474
Fax: 807-467-5553
Castle of Learning & Discovery Children’s Centre
King George VI School
340 6th Avenue South
Kenora, Ontario
Phone: 807-467-2072
Fax: 807-467-2048
Keewatin Before and After School
Keewatin Public School
314 Eighth Street
Keewatin, Ontario
Phone: 807-547-3998
Kid’s Zone
Ecole Ste. Marguerite Bourgeoys
20 Gunne Crescent
Kenora, Ontario
Phone: 807-467-5243
The Zone at SMB
Ecole Ste. Marguerite Bourgeoys
30 Gunne Crescent
Kenora, Ontario
Phone: 807-467-5260
Circle of Friends Playcare Centre
1293 Heenan Place
Kenora, Ontario
Phone: 807-468-6115
Fax: 807-468-6742
Kenora Play Group
316 1st St. North
Kenora, Ontario
Phone: 807-468-8626
Kid’s Zone/Toddler Zone/Infant Program
216 6th Street, South
Kenora, Ontario
Phone: 807-467-5235
Fax: 807-467-5267
Kinew Child Care Centre
50 Kinew Drive
Wauzshusk Onigum
Phone: 807-548-5343
Lakewood Before and After School & Early Learning Centre
Lakewood School
240 Veteran’s Drive
Kenora, Ontario
Phone: 807-467-4513
Norman Village Montessori School
13 Deacon Street West
Kenora, Ontario
Phone: 807-468-5310
Jane Robertson – Owner/director