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Fire Prevention & Public Safety

The City of Kenora Fire and Emergency Services has established a wide range of Public Fire Safety and Prevention Programs that occur throughout the year and focus on children, young adults, older adults, and seniors.  Examples of programming activity include Risk Watch, TAPP-C, Put a Lid On It, Older and Wiser, Remembering When, Alarmed for Life, Your Safe Home, Babysitter Program, Annual Home and Sports Show, Lake of the Woods Property Owners Association, Media-radio, television, and newspaper, Fire Station Tours, School Presentations, Safe Grad, Christmas Fire Safety, Spring Fire Safety, Portable Fire Extinguisher Training, Nursing Home Staff, Hotel Staff, and City Staff, Water and Ice Safety, and Burning By-Law.

An inspection program has been established to assist with fire prevention and public fire safety education.  This includes inspections of commercial or industrial sites.   The department responds to residential requests for inspection of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and other fire safety concerns.  Inspections for liquor licences, real estate sales and related to the burning by-law are carried out as well.

Fire prevention activities include inspection of fire protection systems in new construction buildings and plan reviews of buildings under construction.