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Conservation Programs


Kenora Hydro will help you save electricity, save money and help the environment with energy efficient conservation programs in conjunction with IESO.


Living Green. Saving energy at home is a lifestyle.

Learn how you can join your neighbours and cut back on daily energy use. Download coupons, and sign up for conservation programs for your home or business. Visit saveONenergy.


Energy Usage

Space heating 57-62% $1,425 – $1,550
Water heating 20-21% $500 – $525
Appliances 12-13% $300 – $325
Lighting 4-5% $100 – $125
Cooling 0-7% $0 – $250

* Many factors can affect your annual energy bill, such as size and location of your home, yearly variations in weather, efficiency of your furnace and other appliances, thermostat settings, number of occupants and the local cost of energy.
** Source: Data for Ontario, 2004-Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada and Statistics Canada.

Conservation Tips

The demand for electricity continues to rise, without a corresponding rise in supply. As a result, Ontario is forced to import electricity from neighbouring provinces and states at inflated prices in order to meet demand. The Ontario government is currently working on increasing the number of generation facilities in Ontario, however with their promise to close all of the coal-fired generating stations by 2007 in order to reduce pollution, most of this new generation will just replace the generation that will be lost by these closures. As a result, the government is encouraging consumers to reduce their electrical consumption wherever possible in order to help reduce demand.

There are many ways to reduce electricity demand:

  • set the temperature in your refrigerator for only as cold as necessary
  • wash clothes in cold water instead of warm or hot
  • only run the dishwasher when it is completely full
  • turn off power to computers and stereo equipment when not in use.
  • take advantage of current energy conservation incentive programs

Some suggestions to keep cool in the summer are:

  • closing curtains and blinds during the day to keep the sun out, which will keep rooms cooler
  • using ceiling fans instead of air conditioners to cool rooms
  • barbecue or use the microwave instead of using the oven.

Suggestions to keep warm in the winter are:

  • seal around windows and doors to keep the cold air out
  • use a programmable thermostat and set the temperature a few degrees lower when you will not be in the house
  • clean all air vents to allow maximum furnace air flow