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Corporate Information


Kenora Hydro distributes electricity to approximately 6,600 customers in the former City of Kenora. Electricity is transmitted through the Hydro One high voltage network to Kenora Hydro’s substation. Electricity is “stepped down” from 115,000 volts at the substation and distributed over Kenora Hydro lines at 7,200 volts and further stepped down to meet specific customer requirements.


  • 4800 residential customers, average 688 kwhrs per month
  • 820 general service customers
  • 98 km of line
  • 22 MW peak demand
  • 18.5 MW average demand
  • 110,000,000 kwhrs sold annually

Kenora Hydro has 14 employees who are dedicated to the delivery of electricity to it’s customers. Collecting,  payroll, and customer service functions are subcontracted to the City of Kenora.