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Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information

The City of Kenora, on behalf of Kenora Hydro, collects personal information from every individual who requests hydro services within Kenora Hydro’s service boundary. Information collected includes (but is not limited to) customer’s name, home address, telephone number, date of birth and address where hydro services are to be provided (if different from home address), Other information that may be requested includes driver’s license, status card, landlord information and social insurance number.

How we Use this Information

The information collected is used to establish a hydro account with the City of Kenora. It is used to ensure positive identification of the individual requesting the services, that service is provided to the correct address, determine if a deposit is required for the account, that the appropriate individual is billed for the services provided, and assists in the collection of the account if, for any reason, the individual billed for the services does not pay in a timely manner.

How we Share this Information

On occasion, other City of Kenora departments will call to request information about an individual. Examples of such requests include: public works calling to determine the ownership of an address to obtain proper authorization prior to work being performed, the library confirming a phone number or address to follow up on overdue books, and Ontario Works calling to obtain the most current address and contact information for individuals registered with them.

Third parties may also request or be provided information about Kenora Hydro’s customers. In order to ensure the third party is allowed to view the information requested, the individual whose information is being requested must go to City Hall in person and sign a release form authorizing the third party to have access to their information.

If a customer has signed a contract with an electricity retailer, the retailer is allowed to request the customer’s consumption history. The provision of information provided to a retailer is governed by Section 11 of the Retail Settlement Code.

When setting up a new account with Kenora Hydro, a customer may be required to provide a deposit. The customer can request the deposit be waived pending a satisfactory credit check. Payment of the credit check fee is considered consent to release the customer’s information to the credit agency.

In the event of non-payment of the account by the customer, the collections coordinator may forward the customer’s information to a third party collection agency. A copy of the signed contract is forwarded by fax or mail to the agency.

How we Protect this Information

When a customer requests a new hydro service, a paper contract is completed and signed by the customer. The paper contract is sent to the collections coordinator for a credit check or deposit calculation. The contract is then forwarded to the records clerk, where it is scanned into a database. The paper record is then filed in a secure storeroom for one year. After that time, the paper contract is destroyed by a third party company which cross-shreds the document. Contracts signed prior to 2002 which have not been scanned into the database are kept in perpetuity in a secure storeroom.

The electronic copy of the contract is maintained as a stand-alone database on the records clerk pc. The pc is password protected, as well as the individual database. Only the records clerk and the customer service coordinator have the password to the database. Old files on the database are transferred to a separate computer in a secure room and are kept for perpetuity.

Contracts are kept for perpetuity in a secure room as the information may be required at a future time.

The customer information is also entered into the hydro/sewer/water database (HTE). Users are provided access, based upon their job function (eg. CSR, billing, IT, enquiry, superuser). Each user has a separate logon and password. Multiple logons using the same user name and password are prohibited.

How we Update this Information

Kenora Hydro and the City of Kenora strive to ensure that the information collected regarding an individual is as up-to-date as possible. Changes/updates/corrections to personal information must be made in person at City Hall in order to validate the individual’s identity. All information exchanges regarding deceased individuals must be made through the estate of the deceased by either the Executor/Executrix or the lawyer(s) settling the estate.

Request for Personal Information

An individual has the right under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA) to request a copy of all of the information that Kenora Hydro and the City of Kenora may have accumulated on them, as per Section 4.9 of PIPDA. Requests for hydro-specific personal information will be directed to the PIPEDA officer. Requests for all other information will be forwarded to the Freedom of Information Officer. A charge for this information may be levied depending on the amount of time spent on the request.

Making a Complaint Regarding the Information Collected

Kenora Hydro and the City of Kenora strive to ensure information regarding an individual is kept as up-to-date and secure as possible. If an individual has any questions or concerns regarding their personal information, they can contact the PIPDA officer for resolution. All feedback and/or complaints will be dealt with in accordance with Section 4.10 of PIPEDA.