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Regulatory Information


Regulatory Control

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) regulates Ontario’s electricity and natural gas industries. The OEB is responsible for reviewing and approving all hydro rates and for licensing all generators, distributors, and retailers involved in the electricity market. The OEB has also been given the task of reviewing and setting the price of electricity for residential, small business and other designated customers.

Kenora Hydro must submit quarterly and annual reports to the OEB detailing its operations. Failure to provide requested information to the OEB could result in penalties such as fines, or in the most extreme case, the loss of its distribution licence. As well, all rate increase requests submitted by Kenora Hydro must be accompanied by justification for the amounts requested.

Further information about the OEB and its role in the electricity market can be found at Or contact them by phone at 1-877-632-2727.


The provincial government deregulated the electricity market effective May 1, 2002. Customers were given the option of purchasing their electricity directly from their local distributor, or from an electricity retailer, allowing customers to “shop” for their electricity.  Regardless of choice, the electricity would be delivered to the customer’s location through the existing distribution network owned by the local distributor.

Since market open, the government has made several changes to the electricity market in order to provide price stability for consumers. If you would like further information regarding the deregulated electricity market and the changes that have been implemented since May 1, 2002, contact Kenora Hydro at 467-2075.