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Renewable Generation


Applications for renewable generation are being taken by the Ontario Power Authority beginning October 1, 2009.

Information provided by Kenora Hydro in the links below will be updated regularly. Please visit often.

This is a Provincial Program

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has introduced the Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Program to the province of Ontario.
The fundamental objective of the FIT Program, in conjunction with the Green Energy Act, is to encourage the development of renewable energy generating projects throughout the province.

Larger FIT projects

A generator participating in the FIT Program will generate electricity by renewable means and be paid for each kilowatt-hour produced.

Renewable energy sources which qualify for the FIT Program include:

  • Wind Turbine
  • Water Turbine
  • Renewable Biomass
  • Bio-gas
  • Bio-fuel
  • Landfill Gas
  • Solar (Photovoltaic)

As a first step to participating in the OPA Feed-In Tariff Program please visit the province’s Fit Program Website.

Smaller microFIT projects

Projects which are located on residential properties and are smaller than 10 kilowatts in capacity may apply for connection under the microFIT Program. The microFIT Program allows for an expedited application and connection process.

As a first step to participating in the microFIT Program please visit the province’s microFIT Program website.

Next Steps

  1. After you have educated yourself about this provincial program and decide to make the investment to move forward, please ensure that you have
    • registered with the OPA and
    • have begun an application and
    • received a reference number for your project.
  2. Once you have your project reference number, you can contact us regarding other details for connecting your specific renewable generation project to Kenora Hydro’s distribution system:
    • Micro Generators below or equal to 10 kW by email
    • FIT Generators above 10kW  by email

Connecting Your Project to Kenora Hydro’s Distribution System

Kenora Hydro provides maps with information regarding connection capacity and has estimates on the localized costs to connect a Micro Generation project to our distribution system.

Access Micro Generation Connection Costs

Kenora Hydro Micro Generation Application

Example of Micro Generation Single Line Diagram