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Frequently Asked Questions

Who governs the Lake of the Woods Cemetery?

The Lake of the Woods Cemetery (Cemetery) is owned and operated by the City of Kenora; and is governed by municipal bylaws, provincial legislation, and Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO).

The BAO Consumer Information Guide provides information to make informed decision about burial services at the Cemetery, as well as funeral and cremation services.

What is the Care and Maintenance Fund?

The Care and Maintenance Fund is a mandatory trust fund created by provincial legislation in 1928 to ensure upkeep of cemeteries. A portion of the interment rights fee paid is invested in this fund and the income generated is sued to maintain, secure and preserve the cemetery grounds. Services provided are: re-levelling and sodding or seeding of graves and grounds, from this fund, maintenance of cemetery roads and infrastructure, maintenance of perimeter walls and fences, maintenance of landscaping, maintenance of lawn crypt and columbarium, repairs and general upkeep of buildings and equipment.

What are the markers or monuments be made out of?

All markers or monuments are made of bronze or natural stone (granite). All markers must be approved by the Cemetery operator.

Can I make my own marker?

There are particular dimensions and materials that are required therefore the Cemetery operator builds or contracts the build for all markers.

What about using a wooden marker?

Wooden crosses are allowed as temporary markers, on unmarked graves for a period of one year from the time of burial. Wooden crosses must be 24 inches (60 centimetres) above ground level.

What type of decorations can be placed at a grave?

Ornaments, figurines, plants or other embellishments placed with the intention of improving the appearance are permitted. No glass or ceramic decorations are allowed.

The decoration I left at the grave is gone now. Why was it removed?

Items may be removed if it is intruding on another plot or are deemed unsafe by the Cemetery operator. Broken or unsightly decorations will be removed by the Cemetery staff. The Cemetery operator has an obligation to provide a safe and visually pleasing environment.

I would like to use candles or solar lights, is this okay?

Enclosed candles and plastic solar lights, up to a maximum of three (3) are permitted when securely placed on either side of the monument and in line with the monument row. Alternately, up to three (3) candles or solar lights may be securely placed in front of the monument in the garden area.

Candles and solar lights can be displayed on shepherd’s hooks in the garden area which are not higher than the monument. Ice candles are permitted during winter months as long as they are not intruding on another plot.

Can I have potted plants at the grave?

In the 18 inch (45 centimetres) garden area, a maximum of two (2) potted plants in non-breakable containers are permitted. In flat marker areas, one (1) potted plant is allowed.

I would like to place a wreath, are there guidelines for this type of decoration?

Artificial wreaths and silk flower arrangements or wreaths attached to a stand or monument, may be placed and remain from the Friday before Thanksgiving until May 1st of the following year. Any item that remains after May 1st will be removed by Cemetery staff and placed into a recovery area that is visible to the public. Items not picked up by July 1st will be discarded.

Saddle wreaths must follow the season. Unsightly saddle wreaths will be removed by Cemetery staff. No Christmas wreaths will be permitted during summer months. No wreaths other than saddle wreaths are allowed to be fastened to a monument after May 31st.

Can I plant shrubs or bushes around the grave?

Dwarf style shrubs can be planted where there is an upright monument on two or more graves. One shrub may be planted on either side of the monument and in line with the monument row, and planted approximately seven (7) inches (17 centimetres) away from the side of the monument base not exceeding the height of the monument.

In flat marker areas, no shrubs, bushes permanent plants are allowed, however fresh cut or dried flower arrangements are permitted. Flowers must be displayed in a non-breakable approved vase.

Who looks after the grounds and greenery around graves?

You are responsible for trimming shrubs or bushes you have planted. Cemetery staff look after landscaping and general upkeep of the Cemetery grounds. However Cemetery staff will remove unkempt plants or flowers to protect the sod and maintain a tidy appearance of the Cemetery.

Can I put a border or edging around my loved ones grave?

Border or edging made of rubberized plastic, treated wood or preformed concrete, no thicker than 2 inches (5 centimetres) can be installed flush to the soil, and must be within the garden area and width.

If the border or edging is not maintained flush to the soil, it may be removed by Cemetery staff.

Are special figurines allowed at the grave?

Figurines made of non-breakable material are allowed within the garden space of upright monuments.

Can I bring my pet to the Cemetery?

Please leave your pets, including dogs, at home when visiting the Cemetery. No pets are permitted in City parks, including the Cemetery.

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is an above ground structure designed for the purpose of interring cremated human remains in compartments or niches.

What is a private columbarium?

Private columbarium are structures donated by a group for the sole purpose of interring cremated human remains of their members. Private columbarium are permitted at Lake of the Wood Cemetery with terms of a Memorandum of Understanding.

Are Funeral Homes and Cemeteries separate businesses?

Yes, the funeral homes look after the funeral service and the Cemetery looks after the interment, the burial, of your loved ones.

How do I make arrangements for burial services?

Contact the Cemetery Office at 467-2067 to request services.

These are questions focused on the care and maintenance of the Cemetery. Please consult City of Kenora By-law 6-2017 for complete Rules and Regulations in connection with the Lake of the Woods Cemetery, and City of Kenora By-Law 23-2017 for Schedule of Rates.