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Official Plan

The Official Plan is a comprehensive framework containing objectives and policies established by City Council primarily to provide for the orderly development of the municipality.

Generally, the Official Plan consists of both text, which describes the policies of the City on how the land within the community should be used, and a series of map schedules, which delineate the location of various land use designations and natural and heritage values targeted for protection.

The Official Plan is prepared with consultation and input from the community,  and helps to ensure that the future planning and development will proceed in an orderly fashion.  The City of Kenora Official Plan (2015), provides direction in how the City should position itself for its future through specific guidance for developing a lifestyle, sustainable community for future generations to enjoy.  The policies and Schedule A and B (maps) are established primarily to guide the physical development of the City while having regard to the relevant social, cultural, economic and natural environmental matters.

The Official Plan (2015) and both Schedule A and Schedule B are available for the public to view.

If you would like to make a change to The City of Kenora Official Plan (2015), you must apply for an official plan amendment.  Examples of changes you may apply for include:

  • Land-use designations
  • Policies of the Official Plan

A pre-submission consultation meeting with the Planning Department is necessary, in advance of submitting your application.

For more information, please contact Devon McCloskey, the City Planner at 807-467-2059 or