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Leaf & Yard Waste Composting Program


Leaf & Yard Waste Composting Program

The City of Kenora has started a leaf and yard waste composting program for the Kenora Area Landfill. Beginning April 1st until October 31st, residential customers can drop off leaf and yard waste into a special green bin at the Transfer Station. This is a FREE service for residential customers!

Brush, stumps, and branches can be disposed of at the Transfer Station, however these items are not included in the Composting Program.  There is a charge per tonne for these items.

Composting Process

The collected leaf and yard waste will be transported to Kenora Area Landfill. The City will make windrows of leaf and yard waste at the landfill. The windrows will be turned as required. The landfill staff will monitor the temperature of the windrows. Required amount of water will be added and cured sufficiently until it turns into compost. The final composting product is not available for sale to the public. The City will use the composting at the landfill site for landscaping work.

Packaging of Leaves & Yard Waste

Leaf and yard waste should be placed in a compostable bag [bags may be available to purchase at our local hardware stores] and then dropped into the green composting bin at the Transfer Station. Plastic bags will not be accepted for the Leaf and Yard Waste Program as they are not compostable and it is very costly for the City to remove yard waste from the plastic bag. Paper bags are easy to use and environmentally friendly. You may also use a container to bring the leaves and yard waste to the Transfer Station and then empty into the bin.

Curbside collection is NOT available for the Leaf and Yard Waste Composting Program.


Materials accepted in the Leaf and Yard Waste Composting program:

  Grass clippings
  Garden waste

Materials not accepted in the leaf and yard composting program:

  Kitchen Waste
  Milled Lumber
  Stumps or tree limbs greater than 25 millimeters
  Garbage materials
  Plastic packaging