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Road Reporting Hotline

Following provincial maintenance standards, our crews patrol city roads at regular intervals looking for potholes and other potential hazards. In spring when potholes are more prevalent, these crews also respond to calls from residents who can provide information about pothole locations in Kenora.

At any time you may send an e-mail message to to report a road maintenance issue.

During regular business hours, information and reporting calls may be directed to 467-2334.

Please be as specific about the location of the issue providing as many details as possible, such as:

  • street name
  • street address
  • direction of lane – north, south, west, or east bound
  • type of issue – pot hole or other road deficiency

Pot holes and road deficiencies are addressed on both a priority and scheduling basis.  On average, most pot holes are filled within a 12 to 48 hour period.  Other road maintenance repair time will vary.

Driving Tips to Avoid Tire and Vehicle Damage

  • drive slowly and cautiously
  • try to avoid puddles
  • after dark, keep headlights clean to spot potholes easily
  • keep tires properly inflated
  • brake lightly to avoid dropping into a pothole
  • try to avoid areas where pot holes normally form