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Street Lights


For street light issues, please contact Hayley Anderson, City of Kenora Engineering Customer Service Representative, at 807-467-2035 or with details about what is wrong with the street light and the exact location, preferably an address or landmark.

On November 2, 2015, all of the City’s 1,970 streetlights were replaced with new LED lights. The new lighting system helps to reduce annual electricity consumption by 73% as well as maintenance costs by 80%.  LEDs last four times longer than the other streetlights.

The project was initiated and designed by Ontario’s Local Authority Services (LAS) and RealTerm Energy using new LED streetlights from CREE Canada, one of the world’s leading LED manufacturers.

In addition to being energy-efficient, LEDs provide a white, clean directional light that shines light downward onto the road where it is needed, reducing light pollution and increasing visibility and safety. Upgrading to LEDs is also an environmentally conscious choice, for it will allow Kenora to reduce its emission of greenhouse gases by 144 metric tonnes per year: the equivalent of the carbon removed by nearly 3,700 tree seedlings grown for ten years.

To date, over 130 Ontario municipalities have chosen to upgrade to LED street lighting with LAS and RealTerm Energy including Sioux Lookout, Emo and Barrie.