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Wastewater Treatment Plant

Plant Description

18 Sewage Plant Road
Kenora, Ontario

Wastewater Treatment Plant Ariel View

The City of Kenora Wastewater Treatment Plant for the treatment and disposal of sewage is a Contact Stabilization Plant with the following capacities:

  • Rated Capacity (average) – 18,180 m3/day (4.0 MIGD)
  • Peak – 45,500 m3/day (10.0 MIGD)

Plant Components:

  1. Inlet – one raw sewage influent chamber, one mechanically cleaned bar screen and one bypass manual bar screen, one Detritor for grit removal, one Parshall Flume for the flow measurement and one return activated sludge splitting chamber and influent channel to aeration tanks.
  2. Aeration Tanks – two aeration tanks each having a aeration volume of 2,720 m3 and equipped with air diffusion system.
  3. Intermediate Pumping Stations – an intermediate pumping station to lift the mixed liquor from the aeration tanks to the secondary clarifiers, with two 1,600 mm diameter screw pumps; and one 120 kW standby diesel generator.
  4. Secondary Clarifiers – two circular secondary clarifiers each with a surface area of 465 m2, dome cover and scrapper and two sludge pumps.
  5. Air Blowers – four centrifugal blowers in the control building and two centrifugal blowers in return sludge pumping station.
  6. Disinfection facilities – UV disinfection system with a peak flow rate of 45,500 m3/day.
  7. Outfall Sewer – one 600 mm diameter 36.5 long outfall sewer to the Winnipeg River.
  8. Aerobic Digesters – two aerobic digesters equipped with coarse bubbled diffusion system.
  9. Sludge Dewatering Facility – two sludge dewatering filter-belt presses with two variable speed sludge feed pumps, two supernatant pumps, and one polymer mixing/holding tank.

Sewage Pumping Stations

Kenora wastewater collection system also includes the following sewage pumping stations on its network scattered throughout the City including Coney Island.